Formats & Features


Our staff will work with you and suggest the best format for your event. With our years of experience, we know what will work best and maximise the value of your event. Personal preferences, duration and the number of participants and spectators are all factors that will decide the format of your event. We have a range of different formats available, all of which can be tailored to your specific requirements. The format will lay the foundations towards creating a unique and memorable experience, which is why our team will endeavour to create the perfect plan for your event.

5-a-side Tournament

A 5-a-side is ideal for creating an exciting yet competitive atmosphere and is perfect for entertaining larger groups of clients from different companies, or an internal staff match between different offices, for example. The main pitch is split into quarters, allowing 8 teams to play at any one time. With shorter match times, you can ensure a fast-paced tournament and a little less fitness is required (allowing even the office couch potato to get involved).


11 v 11 Match

Come as close as possible to playing in the boots of a professional Premier League player on a game day with the full matchday experience. From lining up in the tunnel, to using official match balls and getting the hairdryer treatment in the players’ changing rooms at half time,  this format is the closest replication of a professional match as you can get. There might not quite be 30,000 people watching, but it feels every bit just as special.



All of our events include a visit to the changing rooms, allowing your team to lace up your boots and talk over some last minute tactics before lining up in the tunnel and walking out onto the pitch. A matchday anthem will be blaring out whilst the stadium announcer calls out your team as you prepare to experience what it’s like to be a professional Premier League footballer. Our team of event organisers ensure the smooth running of the event, whilst our FA qualified referees keep the football flowing.

Everything else we have covered. From the venue set up including the goals, pitch markings and presentation area to organising the referees, security and hostesses – leave it to us.  We also have £5 million public liability insurance. The only thing you need to worry about is lacing up your boots and stepping out onto the pitch.

Spectators are able to watch all of the action from the comfort of the stands or corporate suites.  Our custom live results website will also be available for all your guests to use and interact with throughout the event, keeping it easy and fun for the spectators to get involved. 

Please see below for a range of options we can add to enhance your event and make it a day to remember.



We have a range of value-added extras available for you to give your corporate event a unique feel.

Celebrate a successful experience, closing the event with a presentation ceremony in which custom medals are awarded to all participants, accompanied by a team trophy for the winners.
Match-day Programme
An essential part of the match-day experience. All participating teams and players will be acknowledged along with any preferences you wish to include. A great memento to take home after a unique experience.
Live Results Website / App
Provide entertainment for all of your guests, with all of the latest scores available at the click of a button on our live results website.
Children’s Penalty Shootout
Don’t leave them out! Provide some fun on the pitch for the children with a children’s penalty shootout. You never know, they could turn out to be the next Ronaldo…
Ex Player Visit / Guest Speaker
Wow your audience with a visit from a football legend or inspire them with a talk delivered by a guest speaker. 
Official Photographer
Capture all your event’s excitement and passion with an official event photographer.
Professional Football Freestyle Show
One of the top acts in the professional football freestyle industry will make the impossible seem possible, performing dazzling tricks and intricate skills. Excessively entertaining for all attendees including the little ones.
Company Branding
Have your companies branding displayed on the LED big screens and side boards. Make your presence known in one of the most famous stadiums in the country.
Custom Football Kit
Quality, custom football kits can be ordered specifically for the event to add to the professionalism of the tournament. Gear up properly before you experience what a professional player experiences every match day.
Filmed Matches
An innovative combination of multiple elevated and close-up camera positions as well as post-match editing adds a unique twist to any event, resulting in a high quality video including all of the footage from the event.
Post- Match Meal
Wrap up your event with a celebratory post-match meal. What better way is there to create a final lasting image of the event than some drinks and fine dining with clients, colleagues and family?